Titanfall 2 Double XP Weekend Kicks Off On December 9th

Respawn Entertainment has revealed that the Titanfall 2 Double XP weekend kicks off this weekend, on December 9th.

Respawn Entertainment confirmed the news on Twitter, announcing that Titanfall 2 players will earn double the XP, while playing the game’s multiplayer. Titanfall 2 Double XP Weekend starts on December 9th and will conclude on December 11th.

Titanfall 2 Double XP weekend

Respawn Entertainment recently released new DLC for their popular first-person shooter. The DLC added tons of new content to the game. It introduced a new Wingman Elite pistol for the pilots, a new pilot execution, and new kits for each of the game’s titans.

A new update came alongside the DLC, which added a new in-game store to the game. Here, you can purchase new weapon camos, skins and more. We can expect to see more cosmetics being sold in the in-game store soon.The DLC was also completely free, so the content was available to every Titanfall 2 player out there.

Titanfall 2 Review (PS4)

We recently published a guide for Titanfall 2. The guide helps players take down enemy titans, when they don’t have a titan of their own. There are several ways for a pilot to take down an enemy titan. Check out our guide for more details

Titanfall 2 is developed by Respawn Entertainment, and is published by EA. The game is now available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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