Titanfall 2 Preorders Listed For PS4, Xbox One And PC, Placeholder Retail Boxart Spotted At Gamestop

Titanfall 2 has been listed on the official website of Gamestop, Amazon and other EU retailers for the PS4, Xbox One and PC even though it hasn’t been officially announced yet. This listing also confirms the sequel for PS4 while it was an Xbox One and PC exclusive in the past.

Titanfall was a sci-fic first person multiplayer shooter from Respawn Entertainment. It was released in March 2014 with a lot of hype behind it, and it was touted as an Xbox platform exclusive along with the PC. It was never released on the PS4 thanks to the exclusivity deal between Microsoft and EA. Now the appears to be open for pre-orders on various online retailers and it also confirms the platforms.


Gamestop also seems to have put up placeholder boxarts of the game opening up pre-orders for Titanfall 2, as shared by NeoGAF user funkystudent. Although as seen earlier, the game is only listed for PS4, Xbox One and PC making it a current generation exclusive.


Respawn Entertainment later confirmed that Titanfall 2 will be multiplatform. Now that the game is being listed on various retailers, we have the confirmation of the platforms and it appears to be a current generation and PC exclusive.

What do you think about a potential Titanfall sequel? What are you expecting from it? Let us know in the comments below.

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