Titanfall 2 Online Playerbase Revived Thanks To Apex Legends

The huge success of Apex Legends has led to a renewed interest in Titanfall 2 for thousands of players.

Release in late October of 2016, Titanfall 2 was a game set to die on arrival due to how jam packed it was between blockbusters. The game was released just a week after Battlefield 1, with both games being published by EA. Then to make things worse, just a week later on November 4, Activision released Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which resulted in players moving away from Titanfall 2 very quickly.

Now just over two years later developers Respawn Entertainment are back with Apex Legends, a free-to-play Battle Royale set in the world of Titanfall. The game has proved to be a huge success becoming the most viewed game on Twitch since the game’s release and gathering over 10 million players in the game’s first 72 hours.

Some of the attention has carried over to Titanfall 2, where the playerbase is rising by the hour on all three platforms i.e PS4, PC and Xbox One.

At the time of writing the Xbox One version is the most popular, with more than 10k players playing right now (via). For context the game’s max number for the past year or so has been around 5k.

On the PS4 the number is almost at 5k (via), a considerable jump for the usual 2-3k.

On PC, the playerbase is almost at 3.5k (via), normally there’s just around 1k players playing Titanfall 2 on PC.

Titanfall 2 is one the modern gaming tragedies really as the game was well received by critics and fans alike but didn’t manage to sell as well as expected due to being sandwiched between two giants that share the same audience.

The game is now frequently available on sale on PSN and XBL and on clearance at stores for around $5 which is a steal for the game. Titanfall 2 features probably one of the best FPS campaigns that people really need to experience. There’s also the super solid multiplayer too. Overall its one of my favorite games and its really great to see it getting the attention it deserves. Titanfall 3 soon please?

Titanfall 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC via Origin.

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