Titanfall 2 Reportedly Set To Launch This October, Will Feature Grappling Hook – Report

Titanfall 2 is reportedly set to launch this October for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This is according to a new leak from r/Titanfall which also reveals some new information for the game along with a potential new artwork.

The leaker not only shared a brand new artwork for the game, he also revealed some new details regarding the upcoming game. According to him, Titanfall 2 will feature plenty of new pilot abilities including a grappling hook. This grappling hook can be used quite extensively for “getting into your Titan, aiding free-running, or tactical plays such as pulling enemies while they’re midair.”

Titanfall 2 will have bigger multiplayer maps than the original which could potentially point to an increased player count for the game. The leaker also revealed one of the pre-order bonus of the game will be a handgun called Violator. In addition to all these details, he shared an artwork from the game and stated that the left side of this artwork will be the boxart for the final game. You can check out this artwork below.


Titanfall 2 has been confirmed to launch in Q3 2015 for EA, which means it could potentially release between October to December. Earlier we had a retailer mistakenly put the August 30th date as the game’s release date, which they removed quickly.

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