Titanfall 2 set for a Fall 2016 release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

titanfall 2

Ex-Call of Duty developers Respawn Entertainment’s sequel to 2014’s Titanfall, titled Titanfall 2, is set to release this Fall according to an EA fiscal reports document.

We got the reveal trailer for Titanfall 2 last month where it was confirmed that the game will not be exclusive to the Xbox One like the original and will also release for the PS4 and PC this time around.

In a slide presentation detailing its 2017 fiscal year, EA confirmed that Titanfall 2 will release in the third quarter of its fiscal year. This puts the game’s release between October to December 2016.

titanfall 2

EA will also be publishing the recently announced Battlefield 1 in the same time period, that game releases on October 21. Things are tight but EA EA CEO Andrew Wilson called the first-person shooter genre “a giant category in our industry” and ensured investors that the game won’t interfere with each others sales.

Expect to hear more about Titanfall 2 at E3 next month.

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