Titanfall 2 – How To Take Down Enemy Titans As A Pilot

Respawn Entertainment’s new game, Titanfall 2, is one of the most popular first-person shooters at the moment. Thousands are playing the new shooter and are in love with it. The fast pace of the game provides a new experience for a first-person shooter player.

One of the toughest things to do in the game is taking down an enemy titan when you don’t have a one of your own. This guide will teach you how to take down an enemy titan as a pilot.

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AMP Boost:

This might not be the most effective way to take down an enemy titan, but it still works well. In Titanfall 2, players can equip boosts in the pilot loadout, which can be earned by getting kills, damaging enemy titans, playing the objective, and more. One of the boosts that can be earned is known as AMP. AMP is a booster that increases the damage you do with your weapons. This increased damage causes more damage to the heavily armored titans, so this makes AMP’d weapons a viable option when it comes to taking down enemy titans.

Grenadier Weapons:

A new addition to Titanfall 2 are the Grenadier weapons. These new weapons are a great way to take down the bulky titans. The projectiles fired from the grenadier weapons damage the titan, as well as the pilot inside. This allows you to take down the pilot inside the titan even if you can’t take down the titan itself. If the pilot inside the titan dies, the titan is rendered useless.

Removing The Battery:

A new mechanic that Respawn Entertainment added to Titanfall 2, is the ability to remove the battery of an enemy titan if you are able to mount it. The removal of the battery decreases the enemy titan’s health, making it easier for you to kill it. Removing the enemy titan’s battery allows you to insert that battery into your own titan. This will give you titan a boost in health, which can be very advantageous.

Titan Drop:

This has to be the most satisfying way to take down an enemy titan. No better way to destroy an enemy titan, then to take it down by calling in your own titan on top of it. Timing and positioning is everything in this scenario. Once you pull it off, there is nothing as satisfying.

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Hopefully this guide will help you destroy enemy titans, and give you a chance against the bulky giants. Share some other methods of taking down titans, incase we missed them, in the comments below.

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