Titanfall Alpha Looks Graphically Stunning but Lacks Complex AI and Aesthetics

In terms of graphics, Titanfall looks great and add innovative gameplay to that and you have a game worth playing. Respawn is trying to make this game as flawless as possible. After all, it’s one of the most anticipated game of it’s time and everyone wants to get their hands on this game as soon as possible. As a few days ago lucky players were able to get access to the closed Alpha version of the game, gameplay footage quickly spread out through various video sharing websites such as Youtube, Daily Motion, etc. However, the videos were quickly taken down one by one.


After playing Titanfall Alpha, players came across some problems. It was previously known that the maximum player count is 6 vs. 6, mainly because of the AI, but what we learned was that the AI is not as tough as we all thought they would be. Respawn Community Manager Abbie Heppe said that although the aggressiveness and difficulty of the AI can’t be changed, the game will have different types of AI from which the players can choose from.


The complexity of the AI isn’t the only thing that’s bothering the players. Although, graphically the game is stunning, the aesthetics of the Titans seem to be bothering most players. The movements of the Titan is more like a human’s rather then a Mech’s. Which seems quiet weird considering their design strongly suggests a more mechanical, rather than techno-organic fluid build. Another problem that the players faced was when the players entered the Titan, they could hardly hear the sounds that can be heard from outside. This may not seem as a big problem, but for next-gen games that are focused on realism and improved aesthetics, Titanfall aesthetics can ruin the experience for some players. Hopefully, Respawn will look into these problems.

All problems aside, this game looks amazing. After watching all the leaked videos of Titanfall Alpha, the game has gotten me even more excited then before. Titanfall comes out on the 11th March, 2014 on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

Abdullah Raza


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