Titanfall covers revealed via German Gamestop

Cover images of the upcoming Titanfall have been revealed via Gamestop.de. According to the website, the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions of the game will be available for €69.99, while the PC version will be for €69.99

You can check out the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC covers of Titanfall below.






Titanfall received a lot of praise at E3, and as the covers indicate, it won over 60 awards including Best game of E3 2013, Game of the Show and Best Xbox One Game. It looks like a great game that may be able to challenge Call of Duty when it comes to multiplayer. Titanfall is expected to release in the first quarter of 2014 for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. A PS3/PS4 version is not in sight.



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