Titanfall Developers have multiple games to “launch by next holiday season”

The latest EA Fiscal Report stated that Respawn Entertainment has multiple games to “launch by next holiday season”.

The developer most notably known for creating Titanfall is currently known to be working on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which they revealed during EA’s E3 Keynote in the most awkward of ways. That game is slated for 2019 but apparently the developer is working on other projects too that it aims to release by next holiday season.

This also gives us a hint to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s release date, which was previously slated to be released sometime in 2019. Holiday season would make sense for such a highly anticipated Star Wars game.

Check out the quote below (full document, thanks Nirolak)

Across multiple studios, we have new projects underway, including games from Respawn that are
slated to launch by next holiday season

Respawn could possibly have a second team working on Titanfall 3, which was a great game but failed to capitalize on sales due to being released in the same month as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and EA’s own Battlefield 1.

History hasn’t been kind of previously in development third-person Star Wars games. Star Wars 1313, a highly anticipated third-person title starring a younger Boba Fett was cancelled after developer Lucas Games’ acquisition by Disney back in 2013. Similarly EA cancelled the Amy Henning helmed Star Wars game developed by Visceral Games codenamed “Project Ragtag” in 2017.

Do note that Respawn is also developing a Virtual Reality game for the Oculus Rift currently but that for a different publisher, so this multiple “games” quote does NOT include that game.

What do you think Respawn’s other projects could be? I got my bets on Titanfall 3. The creators of Call of Duty can’t make a bad FPS title in my opinion.

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