Titanfall footages revealed

We reported the presence of Titanfall a while back. Today, Microsoft unveiled a footage of the game.

The footage, as expected, showed mechs and warfare using them. The game is a first person shooter. The first footage showed a soldier running through battlefield with a mech chasing him. Jetpacks will be available in the game, along with some sort of invisibility cloak. The soldier got into a mech, showing us that players will be able to take control of mechs during the game. Apparently, it’s also possible to perform a temporary wallrun.

The next footage was actually live gameplay. The player jumped off from an aircraft and into a battlefield. The game is more or less a typical first person shooter. Wallruns were shown in a first person perspective. A mech, referred to as a Titan then dropped from the sky and the player was able to get into it and use it. Using this, another mech was destroyed and it’s pilot soldier was removed and killed.

The titans looked impressive and fun to use. The player was also able to eject when required. The then landed on an enemy titan which he then destroyed.

Titanfall will be exclusive to the Xbox One and will come out in 2014. More details to be revealed later.

Humad Ali Shah

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