Titanfall Prestige Mode Called Generations

Titanfall will have a prestige system similar to Call of Duty’s. Titanfall Prestige Mode Is Called ‘Generations’. This offers the players to have a fresh start in multiplayer. If this prestige system is completely like Call of Duty’s prestige system then this will result in the player losing all of his achievements such as weapons, camo, etc. Losing all that you have worked for so far.

According to a NeoGAF member called RazorUK, the Titanfall Beta had the prestige system and it had menu text similar to that of Call of Duty:

Take me to generation [next level].

Warning! You will lose all that you have unlocked and be reset to level 1. All challenges will be reset.

Years of battle have taken their toll. We can regenerate you… at a cost.
Your body can be restored. But your memory and your experience…all will be lost.
When you awaken you will respawn a [next level] generation Pilot.
You will be better, sharper, acquiring experience even faster than before.

Are you sure?
I’m sure

Are you really sure?
Yes positive!

Would you like to go to the next gen?
Take me to next gen!

He also stated that the players will have the option to prestige ten times or players will be able to regenerate ten times. He also posted the prestige icons:


I think the prestige mode is a good way to keep a FPS game interesting for the long run. Many player put countless hours into the game just to reach the max prestige or in this case, the max generation. This game is one of the most highly anticipated games and is developed by Respawn Entertainment. Titanfall comes out on the 11th of March, 2014 on the Xbox 360, Xbox One and the Pc.

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