Titanfall Xbox One Controllers Have Begun Shipping

Respawn have designed a cool looking Xbox One controller to go along with there new high anticipated game, Titanfall. Although, the game is not yet out for sale. You can get your hands on this limited Edition controller right now.


A few controllers are already being shipped out to gamers. An Xbox One user said in a post on Reddit said that he received a tracking number for his three controllers from the Microsoft Store. They’ll be arriving sometime this week. Another Xbox One gamer reported that the controller had been charged to his credit card, generally a sign that the order’s about to ship.

The Controller is inspired by the in-game C-101 Carbine. Its white body is adorned with several black and orange decals as well as some futuristic writing. It’s a snazzy piece of hardware. The controller costs $64.00.

The controller is highly demanded and it is sold out at numerous retailers and also on Amazon.

The controller isn’t the only thing gamers should be excited about. Rumor has it, Microsoft and EA might bring out a Titanfall version of the Xbox One. With a similar paint job as the controller’s. The bundle will consist of a copy of Titanfall, the Titanfall custom controller and the console itself.


Originally, the controller was suppose to be shipped alongside the game but a few are being shipped already.

Titanfall comes out on Xbox One and PC on March 11th.

Abdullah Raza


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