Titanfall’s Second DLC Pack Frontier’s Edge Coming Next Week

Titanfall’s second DLC pack named Frontier’s Edge was announced by Respawn on a livestream earlier this week, during which they also gave a preview of the upcoming maps and answered fan questions. The pack comes with new maps, multiple tweaks, updates, new achievements and the all new black market.


The pack will feature three new distinct maps; Export, Haven and Dig Site.

Export takes place in an abandoned mining colony which allows players to move freely from rooftop to rooftop via zip-lines that link multiple building together. The buildings themselves give a natural close-quarters feel, electric fences present at different locations ( as barriers ) funnel players into and away from various areas of the map.

Haven is set in a futuristic luxury resort location which includes casinos and hotels with multiple floors present in the form of gigantic buildings; large enough to fit Titans.

Dig Site is an open area on the surface of a barren planet, debris of machinery, construction equipment and architectural facilities give players a wide array of vantage points.


Frontier’s Edge will cost $10 standalone or you can choose to buy the season pass which will set you back $25, allowing you access to all the DLC content including the previous DLC; Expedition, and the unannounced third DLC. Frontier’s Edge is set to come out on the 31st of July, hitting the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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