Titankick – Titanfall Starts To Ban Cheaters

As it happens with most modern console FPSs. the wave of cheaters and game hackers has blown into Titanfall. Developer Respawn Entertainment has stated that it is taking action and has started kicking and banning players from the game over cheating activity.

Strains of outrage have seem to have broken out over the ability of the system, with many shouting out as to why bans have only started flowing now. In response to the claims, developer  Jon Shiring can be quoted as saying “we have anti-cheat but it is not enabled yet – it will be soon. This is important to us” and we are starting to [ Catch the cheaters] now. It’s useful to watch them a bit without revealing your hand.

This fix could not seem to come at a better time, as many users are reporting wide spread cheating.The most common seeming to be aimbots, aimbots for those who dont know, redirect the users aim to lock on to a foe, giving them a godlike advantage when it comes to CQC and long distance shootouts.


Users are devided over the method that the team is using to catch the cheaters, with one saying ” That approach turns non-cheaters off from the game. If I can’t play when it comes out I won’t come back.” while another states “think of it like valves approach; let them be free a few months, then catch them all at once. Good in the long run.”

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