Todd Howard says Fallout 76 did “very, very well”, “millions of players” are playing the game

Todd Howard talked a bit about Fallout 76 and its development struggles at the Bethesda Game Days event where he claimed Fallout 76 did “very, very well”.

Fallout 76 experienced one of the rockiest launches a game could have when it released later last year in November. There were bugs, unfulfilled promises, lawsuits, premature price cuts and so much more.

Game Director and Bethesda Game Studios Executive Producer Todd Howard addressed the issues (via) and claimed that they’re receiving a lot of feedback due to the large player base of millions of players playing the game.

We have a huge, millions of players, and a large player base in this game; we are receiving tons of feedback. We aim to build a kind of Fallout platform. We have tons of ideas, it’s been a crazy journey so far, and we are excited, there’s a ton of cool content on the way. It’s been an incredible experience. We will do anything we can to reward that, this year, next year and in the coming years we have big things planned.
He further went on to state that the game did “very, very well” even though building it was a brand new experience for the studio due to Fallout 76 bring primarily a multiplayer game.
For us, Fallout 76 is a very, very new thing for our studio, We knew we would have a lot of stumbling blocks in the game and had some, some of them a lot more difficult than we anticipated. This is a very different and new project for us. We’ve built up the studios, we’re now four different studios in North America, in Rockville, Austin, Dallas, and Dallas. Montreal and this was a game that demanded so much for the people of these four studios to work on the game. We knew the launch was going to be just the beginning. We’re excited that the game did very, very well.
On considering what the players want, Howard and the panel stated that they extensively use Social Media, Emails and other forms of feedback along with the existing data they collect from the game to work on issues and develop ideas to improve the game.
Howard also assured fans that they’ll continue creating traditional “Bethesda Games”.
Fallout 76 is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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