Tokyo Game Show 2013 sets new attendance record

Tokyo Game Show 2013 has recently ended and while there were plenty of new announcements and disappointments coming out of the show; it really had no effect on the attendance, which set a new record.

While we might have read articles like “Most depressing scenes from Tokyo Game Show 2013” by Wired or saw most of the new announcements to end up on mobile/cell phones as the Japanese gaming industry seems to slowly lose its charm that it had in past; but it seems like the people who attended Tokyo Game Show loved it as Tokyo Game Show 2013 set a new attendance record.


According to Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association, this year the attendance set a new record of 270,197 attendees, which beats the previous year record by a massive 47,000 attendees.

The full rundown of the attendees can be seen below courtesy of Gematsu

  • September 19 (Business Day) – 29,171 people
  • September 20 (Business Day) – 23,183 people
  • September 21 – 102,399 people
  • September 22 – 115,444 people
  • Total – 270,197 people

This proves that the people were certainly not disappointed and even though Tokyo Game Show lacked some big Japanese IPs like Final Fantasy XV, brand new Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts 3, people still enjoyed there. Maybe it is due to the next generation of consoles being playable at the show. Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were playable at Tokyo Game Show and had plenty of show floor demos. Titanfall was particularly well liked by the Japanese crowd as reported by Kotaku.

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