Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Review (PS4)

Tokya Xanadu was originally developed and released for the PS Vita so when it was announced for the PS4 and PC, fans were left wondering the improvements made for the new release of the game. While it was obvious that graphics and frame rate would be touched upon, no one expected the game developer Nihon Falcom to add a whole host of new content to the game. This new content is in the form of additional side-stories, an after-story chapter with a boss battle, new dungeons and enemies. The additions are not just limited to new content but there are also tweaks to gameplay, access to new characters, difficulty setting and gameplay modes.

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ is essentially a major overhaul of the base game with plenty of new content offered on top of it. It might miss out on the portable aspect of the PS Vita but the new story additions more than justify it, especially if you have enjoyed your time with the base game. The PS4 and PC version also implement the support for 60 fps which makes the battles a lot easier to manage, and the upgraded resolution now brings in more clarity to the characters, improving the look of cutscenes.

Tokyo Xanadu was an attempt from Nihon Falcom to create an RPG that targets the same demographic as the Persona series. After Persona 5 exploded in popularity worldwide, there have been many clones for it released so far, although Tokyo Xanadu does appear to be one of the better developed games with a solid combat system. This is something that shouldn’t be surprising knowing the pedigree of the developer Nihon Falcom. They have created some great action RPGs with their Ys series and this experience seems to have helped them with Tokyo Xanadu.

The story is set in a fictional Morimiya city and features Kou as the lead character. Kou is a student at the Morimiya High School who also works part time in an antique shop once he is done with his studies. One day, as he is making his way back to home after work, he finds some strangers chasing a girl from his high school. He decides to follow them and soon discovers that mysterious portals are appearing all over the the town. The girl that he follows appears to have a strange power that lets her fight in these portals and slay the demons inside in order to save others from danger. Kou’s fate also takes a similar turn as he joins forces with the girl to get rid the world of these mysterious portals, also called eclipses.

Tokyo Xanada eX+ combat is entirely action based. You can control multiple characters with the press of a button during the combat sequences. The game relies on an elemental weakness system for the enemies and each character can have their own advantage based on it. Tokyo Xanadu eX+ combat is a mix and match of fast paced slashes with special skills. The game lets you make short work of enemies while offering full mobility for defense in the form of a dodge roll. If you time it just right, you can also get a nice bonus to go with it.

While Tokyo Xanadu eX+ can be fun in the start, you will soon begin to encounter the repetitive dungeon design. The school life aspect of the game is also simply limited to you making friends. There is not enough attention put here in making sure each of the character has a backstory like in the Persona series, but the actual school building is actually surprisingly decent and can be fun to explore around if you have the time available for it. If you don’t like moving from one location to next on foot, then you simply select the location from a shortcut menu. Your exploration won’t be limited to the school. the town also has limited area available to explore.

Tokyo Xanadu was not exactly a bad looking game for the PS Vita, but the visuals appear to have been tweaked further in time for the PS4 and PC release. The game now looks more like an early PS3 release but with clear visuals. The character models might not be high polygon but they fit the anime-styled aesthetics for the game. The biggest improvement here is perhaps the frame rate which is smooth and makes combat a breeze. You can easily time and dodge the attacks for enemies without having to worry about frame rate dropping any further. This is especially evident in the large scale boss battles where the special effects could have an impact on the frame rate on the PS Vita.

All said, Tokyo Xanada eX+ is a solid action RPG for the PS4 or PC if you are looking for a good time. Its weakness is a rather lackluster story and a dull cast, but it provides some nice dungeon exploration mixed with a fun combat system.

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Review (PS4)

Game description: Tokyo Xanadu is an action role-playing video game for the PlayStation Vita. It was developed and published by Nihon Falcom, out of their desire to create a game of a different type and setting than their two other flagship video game series, The Legend of Heroes and Ys, and has roots in the Xanadu series. A PlayStation 4 version of the game, Tokyo Xanadu eX+, has also been released in Japan, and is also scheduled for release in English language regions sometime after the Vita release.


Tokyo Xanadu eX+ can be a fun experience even if you have already finished the base game. The improvements to the visuals and frame rate are a welcome addition, but the addition of new content makes it the definitive version.


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