Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta: Here’s How To Fix “Do You Own This Game Or App?” Error

Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta is now live on the Xbox One and those who have pre-ordered the game or have access to a Beta code can now play the game. If you are encountering an error stating “Do you own this game or app?”, then you can follow the instructions listed below to get it working again.

The way to get around this error is to search the Xbox One store for the Beta and then download the Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta bundle that was added just recently. This bundle is required in order to play the Beta on the Xbox One, even if you have already pre-loaded the Beta. It can also be accessed via the webstore, but if it doesn’t work, then try it directly from the Xbox One.

the-division-ps4-beta (3)

Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta will be held from January 28th till January 31st so make sure to participate in the Beta before it ends. The Beta is currently only available on the Xbox One and will go live on the PS4 and PC on January 29th. There is no NDA on the Beta so feel free to share videos and screenshots from the Beta without any possible ban or limitations.

Tom Clancy’s The Division will be released on March 8th, 2016 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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