Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Update Version 1.56 Is Out Now; Here’s What It Does

Fans of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege are in for a treat today as Ubisoft has finally released the free update that adds Operation Grim Sky to the game. It features two new operators and also makes performance improvements for the game on the PS4 and Xbox One.

You can now download this update today on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One to enjoy the new free expansion. The latest patch will update the game to version 1.56. The patch notes can be seen below or accessed in full from here.


Joining Rainbow’s Urban Tactical Response Team—codenamed Grim Sky (or GSUTR)—are Maverick from the United States, and Clash from Great Britain.


The aim of this Hereford Base Map Rework is to address issues pertaining to the map’s flow, balancing, and visual thematic to make the new Hereford Base viable for competitive play. This is the first map rework for the Development Team, starting with Operation Grim Sky. This map makeover contains many twists and should be treated as a new map: the iconic and recently renovated Hereford Base.


No matter how cold it gets, Frost has a way of welcoming people. She’s also the best at doing so with a spring loaded trap. No matter the weather, we’re celebrating this JTF2 specialist with a cool elite set.








  • Fixed – Players who join in a game in progress during the action phase will negatively impact the key bindings for the observation tools of teammates.
  • Fixed – Players can sometimes pass through reinforced walls using a deployable shield.
  • Fixed – The framerate drops when going to the tactical map in prep phase.
  • Fixed – Receiving damage while crouching with a shield will result in the weapon wielding hand to clip through the shield.
  • Fixed – Operators clip through barricades. Enabling them to be seen and shot in some cases.
  • Fixed – It is possible to place a barricade or reinforcement while standing far away from the door/wall.
  • Fixed – Longer delay than intended when switching from BOSG 12.2 to secondary weapon.
  • Fixed – The color filter of an observation tool goes away if you are brought to low health while watching in it.
  • Fixed – If the walk option is set to toggle, the player will walk after alt-tabbing.
  • Fixed – It is possible to prone and melee simultaneously with a shield.
  • Fixed – Weapons can clip through the floor if a player goes prone and leans.
  • Fixed – Corrupted animations happen while switching weapons or throwing gadgets in prone.
  • Fixed – Players receive no damage if they rappel into Smoke’s Gas Grenade cloud.
  • Fixed – Kill info is not displayed if the player dies from the gadget of a dead enemy.
  • Fixed – Defuser animation resets when switching views.
  • Fixed – Textures between reinforceable and indestructible walls allow bullets to pass through.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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