The Tomorrow Children now features a persistent online world

It appears that Q-Games’ The Tomorrow Children has seen several major changes to its design since its closed Alpha last year. Originally, the game had situations where you would either succeed or fail depending on your town’s progress. However, it now features a persistent online world, where you can live in a town for as long as you can keep it alive.


This new information came via The Tomorrow Children’s game designer, Dylan Cuthbert, where he discussed the reasons behind the game’s delay on the popular gaming forum Neogaf. His post can be seen below.

[…] we simply went crazy and added a whole ton of content and made the game a persistent online game. The alpha had “stage clear” and “stage fail” situations but because of the awesome feedback we got during the test we decided to go whole hog on it so you can live in a town for as long as you can keep it alive.

Cuthbert also mentioned new details regarding the game’s beta, which begins on January 21 next year. In the beta, you’ll be able to create a town and move freely to other towns whenever you like. The test is likely to influence further tweaks to the final game. The inclusion of a dynamic weather system is also on the developer’s list of features to add to the game.

Also, this beta test will allow you to move freely between towns as you like. So if you want to create a neogaffer town you can. It will be basically the final game minus a few tweaks influenced by the test itself. (and any bug fixes or fixes for problems we encounter!)

The studio will be able announce a release date for The Tomorrow Children once the beta is over, depending on how it goes. We’ll be sure to keep you posted in this regard as more information becomes available. In the meantime, share your thoughts on this unique PS4 exclusive title in the comments below.

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