Top 18 Pocket-Friendly Streaming Services for Students

One of the perks of student life is all the discounts one can get. And streaming services are not an exclusion from the rule. The major ones offer great amazing shows, movies, and songs as well as the opportunity to save some money.

If you are looking for the most lucrative streaming services to watch something between essay writing and doing research, this list is for you.

Here, one can find student discount offers, free streaming services, and generally affordable platforms.

Students Discounts

To access these offers all you need to do is to register with a .edu email. Here is what a college email can get you.


Usually, an Apple Music subscription costs $5 per month, but students can get it for half the price. And if you get it with a student discount, you get access to Apple TV for free, as a bonus. This streaming service doesn’t have a great collection of titles, but for a free option, it is pretty good.


There is also a bundle offer – for $4.99 per month, students can get access to Hulu, Spotify, and Showtime all together. It is a good deal as you get all entertainment in one purchase. And there is a free month trial period for all three services.


Amazon also has several discounts in its sleeve. With a college email, you’ll get a Prime subscription for $6.49 per month. It is half of the usual payment. You’ll get access to the shows and movie streaming service, photo storage, and prime shipping, of course. Amazon Music costs $0.99 per month with this subscription.


It is one of the best services in general, but it can get even better with a discount for college attendees – it will cost only $1.99 monthly. And you’ll get full access to their library and originals as well. But this subscription includes ads, so be ready for it.


The Premium here is discounted from the usual $12 to $6.99, which is a nice deal. It allows ad-free watching and access to all originals as well as YouTube music. And there is a free trial month to try it out.


It is a rebranded CBS All-Access that has some good things to watch, from MTV and Comedy Central to Star Trek, of course. It gives students a 25% discount.

Free Services

These streaming platforms are available for everyone completely free of charge.


With a university ID or library card, you’ll get access to high-quality films and documentaries from HBO Documentary, Paramount, PBS, A24, etc. The catch is simple – there is a limited amount of titles to watch monthly. But there are no ads. Kanopy also has a download feature.


Yet another free platform with a great collection of films and shows (Donnie Darko, Legally Blonde, We Need to Talk About Kevin). There are also 4 seasons of Naruto and Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures. The downside is the 720p resolution.


Here one can find a decent amount of mainstream movies and a couple of shows (Midnight in Paris, The Dictator). It supports mobile devices, but there are ads. Yet many movies are available in premium resolution.


It is a live streaming platform that allows watching 180 channels (ABS, CBSN, NBC, Bloomberg, etc). But there are only a couple of on-demand titles. It has a mobile app, there are ads, and the quality is 720p.

Pluto TV

It is a good cable replacement with 190 various channels. One can watch CBSN, CNN, NBC News, Comedy Central, Paramount Movie Channel, and MTV here. It is ad-supported and there is a small collection of on-demand movies. Bonus – there is no need to sign up to start streaming.


This is another ad-supported platform that offers on-demand shows and movies. The collection might not be the biggest one, but it is constantly updated. It can also be watched on mobile devices and the web. The resolution is 720p.

Affordable Platforms

These services are not free, but they offer top-notch content for a reasonable price.


There is no need to present this one; it is still the most popular streaming service out there with a huge collection of titles and excellent originals. It costs $8.99 monthly for a single device and $13.99 for two devices. And there is no free trial anymore.


This one is gaining more popularity with strong original Marvel and Star Wars content. It costs $7.99 per month and also has tons of Disney, Pixar, and National Geographic titles.

There is also a bundle offer for $13.99 that gives access to Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu with ads.


This is the least affordable platform with a price of $14.99. But if you are interested in their high-quality originals, it is the only option. They also have the rights to Rick and Morty, South Park, and TBBT.

There is also a subscription with ads that costs $9.99 which can be a reasonable alternative.


The subscription costs $6.99 and allows watching a great collection of modern Black movies. There are films, documentaries, comedy specials, and exciting original shows as well.

PBS Documentaries

As the name suggests, it is a great choice for those who love documentaries. It costs $3.99 and has a huge collection from American Experience, Independent Lens, Frontline, etc.


For $4.99 one will get access to many favorite shows from Animal Planet, Discovery, Food Networks, History Channel, ID, Planet Earth, Science TLC, and many others. And you can create 5 profiles for one account, so it is easy to share with friends or relatives.

In Summary

Students can choose between free options, discounts, and more expensive but top-notch platforms. Or they do not have to choose at all, it is perfectly possible to combine several subscriptions, share them with friends, or try out for a trial period.

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