Top 5 things I dislike about Metal Gear Solid V [Based on what has been revealed so far]

Metal Gear Solid has been the pinnacle of introducing and redefining the stealth genre every generation. With such a mastermind as Kojima-san behind the helm along with his mix of certain issues that are infused into the plot takes a Metal Gear Solid game to infinity and beyond.

But with all great titles comes a little criticism, and the level of that criticism depends on how much it affects the overall title.

So here I’ll list my top 5 dislikes so far for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V.

5) Regenerative Health

Previous titles of MGS have incorporated this but only to the extent that the character was bleeding and he lies down flat to stop the bleeding and recover a pint of health. From what has been shown and discussed about this particular feature in MGSV is that the regen health resembles closely to what action-packed games like FPS (Call of Duty, Killzone etc) incorporate.

MGS is all about tactical espionage action and stealth-survival is the key. One thing that I really liked about MGS3 was its survival viewer and the ability to nurse yourself back to health. That was the type of realism and advancement for its time which made the game more challenging. MGSV is open-world now and should incorporate a survival kit instead of regenerative health.

Also this time around there’s no health bar to determine how much health loss has been there.

4) Animations are still not fluid

This pre-dates back to the original MGS. The animations are not fluid or miss frames between them to the point that it looks like someone fast forwarded the whole thing.

If you check the out the Night gameplay demo from TGS 2013, you’ll see Big Boss pulling and tossing a guard from the tower and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

3) Slow-mo executions/Bullet Time

This particular feature got me worried a lot. This new feature allows the time to freeze momentarily when an enemy spots you so you have time to shoot his eyes or kill him or any other method you want to use to take him down before the enemy has a chance to react and alert the base.

I know that MGSV is open-world and when exploring an open world using stealth it might get difficult to get around if you are constantly getting discovered but hasn’t that been the point of all the MGS games? Stealth first and foremost and using tools at your disposal to strategically plan out your stealth route?

mgsv slow mo

In the past games, we had Radars, Sonars, Solid eye etc to use at our disposal. MGSV also gives us the option of tagging enemies using binoculars or FPS/Look view which will then appear tagged throughout the map letting us know where the enemies are at all points.

Fun fact: Kojima-san nearly removed the iconic ‘exclamation mark’ that appears above enemies heads when they spot you. Luckily, cooler heads prevailed.

2) Skull Face’s English Dub Voice

Recently Konami released the English version of the Ground Zeroes trailer they showed during PAX 2012. The English version of the trailer is a bumped up version of the previous trailer donning a higher resolution and 60fps. But what was so completely out-of-place? Rocks? Grass? Animations?

It was the voice of Skull Face. James Horan has been chosen to voice Skull Face in Ground Zeroes and from its Japanese counterpart, the voice dub sounds horrendous and unfit for the character. That is not the only VA issue we have with MGSV which brings us to…

1) Kiefer Sutherland is Jack Bauer, NOT Big Boss/Naked Snake

Let’s face it. Whenever MGS comes to mind, what one character takes place in the head? Snake. Whether it be Naked Snake or Solid Snake, the most iconic characters of all time has been breathed life into by David Hayter, the series’s veteran VA for the lead role.

Not only it was depressing to know that David Hayter won’t be Big Boss’s voice in MGSV, it was also shocking that Kojima-san never even informed him. Granted MGS is Kojima-san’s sole property and he owes no answers to anyone for what he does but cutting out the guy who voiced 5 titles for you without even as much as a “We’re making MGSV, we won’t be hiring you” is, what can I say for the lack of a better word, insulting?

Kiefer Sutherland is no snake. The latest Ground Zeroes’s English version trailer shows that. Before in the trailer of The Phantom Pain, we only heard snippets of his voice, whereas in this trailer we can hear him holding a conversation with Kazuhira Miller (Voiced by Robin Atkin Downes).

The way Sutherland was delivering was sounding like he was just phoning in what he was reading, it felt like it had no soul like the legacy that was carried with the Big Boss’s personality.

Also the famous or infamous and intended fourth wall breaking line “Kept You Waiting Huh?” was like he was instructed to say it pretty fast whereas in doing so it lost all its charm and got delivered blandly.

Kojima-san counters and explains his decision by saying that Big Boss needed a voice change as Big Boss grew into something else, wanted a fresh start where his voice sound different from Solid Snake’s.

In my opinion, if Kojima-san really wanted to change the voice, he should’ve done it during MGS3. That way, people would’ve known that Big Boss is a separate character from Solid Snake hence the voice can be different. Suddenly uprooting the voice that everyone now has in their mind has already caused a lot of problems.

Whether or not this is another trolling attempt from Kojima-san to dazzle the fans and surprise them right at the last minute or not, there are some decisions fans are not happy about.

So what are your own opinions about MGSV so far? Let us know via the comments.

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