Top Tips for a Creative Photoshoot

If you want to set up a creative photoshoot that will give you the results you are hoping for them, you really need to make sure that you put in the preparation. Whether this is your first creative photo shoot, or you have been doing them for a number of years, the key is to create something that is new and exciting and, of course, original.

Being innovative with the photographs that you take will help to give your work a fresh and inspired look. It will push you outside your natural comfort zone and if you use a photo sharing platform it will help to get you noticed.

Whatever your experience level here are some of our top tips to get you started making your photoshoots more creative.

Pick a goal

It can be tricky to come up with a creative idea for your photoshoot, but this doesn’t mean that it needs to be something difficult. Pick a goal for the photos you will get from your photoshoot. What you plan to do with them will help you to determine your goal.

Consider what your concept will be

Once you have decided on the goal for your photoshoot you will need to work out what your concept is. This does not need to be something complex, in fact simple may well be better. Choose a theme and then let everything flow from that point. A mood board is a great place to start and a good way to create a plan for your photoshoot. 

Take a look at photographs on the internet, Instagram, Pinterest, and photo sharing platforms. You are not looking to duplicate other photographers’ pictures, but this will help you with details like poses, lighting, locations and outfits – in other words the little details that will really help you to pull your photoshoot together.

Put your concept into practice

Once you have all your details in place you will need to put your concept into practice. This means finding the right people for your photoshoot, the perfect location and all the right props. There are a number of considerations that you will want to make at this point:

  • Will you need to hire any special equipment?
  • When and where will your shoot take place – if it is outdoors, you should consider when it won’t be too busy if applicable and whether you need some form of permit
  • Who should you get to model in your photo shoot – having spent all this time preparing it is worth considering a professional, speak to an agency, give them plenty of details and see if they have someone who fits the bill?
  • Having hired a professional model you really should consider having someone to do hair and makeup to help you create the perfect look. It is worth making sure they are with you for the duration of the shoot as you may need make up touching up
  • Depending on the complexity of your shoot you may want to consider an assistant, if you don’t have one you may be able to find a photography student from a local college who would love the experience

Once you have everything in place and organized you are ready for your photoshoot.

Make sure that your attention is fully focused on the photoshoot itself, particularly if you have spent a lot of time and money making sure that everything is as perfect as possible. So turn off your phone, grab your camera and start shooting. One last thing to think about is that you should try to enjoy your photoshoot too.  This will help those who are taking part to feel more relaxed and enjoy it as well.

Danial Arshad Khan

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