Total War: Rome II Coming To SteamOS

SteamOS library continues to grow at a solid pace thanks to a positive response from most of the developers. Just after a few days of the announcement of Super Meat Boy and Metro: Last Light being released on the the platform, Creative Assembly has listed it support for SteamOS and Steam Controller, by launching Total War: Rome II on the Linux based platform early next year. Here’s the official statement from Rob Bartholomew at Creative Assembly:

At Creative Assembly we want our customers to be able to play on as many platforms and in as many locations as possible, so today we are announcing future support for both SteamOS and the Steam Controller.

We’ve always wanted the Total War franchise to be enjoyed by living room gamers, but the limitations of traditional hardware made our style of game play impossible. Last month, when Valve invited us to test out the new Steam Controller and unveiled their plans for SteamOS – we were impressed. We believe it will provide us with the control fidelity and platform we need to make a living room experience for ROME II that could be a more compelling experience than playing with keyboard and mouse.

ROME II will be launching on Linux early next year, with full Steam Controller and Big Picture support to be added as soon as Valve gets us a controller dev kit. Pick up a copy of the game this weekend while it’s 25% off and you’ll be able to play the Linux version as soon as it launches!

Total War: Rome II was released on the windows platform on September 13th this year and was well received by the players. It’s an excellent strategy game developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega. Initially the game faced some technical issues which were quickly fixed by the developers. Total War: Rome II is one of the most tactical strategy game available currently, where one can spend hundred of hours just to see how well their tactical decisions unfold. It will be interesting to see how well Steam Controller is incorporated in to the game, as most of the strategy games favors mouse and keyboard setup.

Total War Rome 2

Few days back steam invited several press websites to their Steam hardware HQ to test out the prototype build of the Steam Machine, Steam controller and SteamOS. The initial response has been overwhelmingly positive and everyone is waiting eagerly to get their hands on the finished product. This will in return help Valve get more publishers and developers to join the SteamOS bandwagon, resulting in a huge library for the gamers to enjoy.

What do you think about this news? Is SteamOS finally getting the recognition Valve intended? Let us know in the comments below.

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