TowerFall Ascension Coming Soon To Xbox One

Indie developer, Matt Thorson, announced that his super popular archery game, Towerfall Ascension, is coming to Xbox One.

Thorson also revealed that Towerfall Ascension’s expansion, Dark World, is also being released for the console. The Dark World expansion includes additional game modes, new levels, campaign, as well as a level creation tool that allows players to create their own levels.

Towerfall originally came out in 2013 for the PS3, and was later ported for the PS4 and PC as Towerfall Ascension in 2014. The PS Vita version of the game was released in 2015, with the DLC release that same year.

Towerfall Ascension Gameplay

Towerfall Ascension is a four player game, however, Thorson also announced Towerfall 8-player, which is a new mod that was just released. Thorson revealed that Towerfall 8-player will be a standalone title, and will not include the original Towerfall game. Towerfall 8-players will only feature a versus mode, which allows you to play with five to eight people in total, as well as a 3v3 mode. The mod will be available for PC only and is selling for $8.88.

It will be interesting to see how Towerfall is played with 5-8 players. The game is already hectic with four players, and will the addition of more players, it is only going to be more fast paced and action packed.

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What are you thoughts on Towerfall Ascension coming to Xbox One? Are you looking forward to the new 8-player Towerfall mod? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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