Toy Story Graphics In Kingdom Hearts 3 Look Mighty Impressive Compared To Animated Movie

Square Enix recently revealed a brand new world for Kingdom Hearts 3 and it is based on the popular Toy Story series of animated movies from Disney Pixar. This is the first time Toy Story has been featured in a Kingdom Hearts game so it is a pretty significant milestone. Of course, after seeing the world of Toy Story brought to life, I was intrigued to see how does the new visuals compared to Pixar’s old classic and the result might surprise you.

While there is no doubt that the original Toy Story has aged, it still holds well today. The visuals at that time were unlike any animated CG movie and the plastic like look of Toys was easy to animate than humans, which look worse than the toys now. The movie was a complete technical masterpiece of its time. The confirmation of a Toy Story world in Kingdom Hearts 3 was a dream come true for many fans and it is interesting to compare the visuals here with the one in the original movie.

The biggest improvement here is for the textures and lighting. Of course, considering the original Toy Story was released in 1995–so almost 22 years ago–it is impressive to see how well it still holds up today. If we talk about Toy Story 3, it will obviously look better with the textures and lighting all improved and the character models having more polygons as seen below.

Still the work that Square Enix has done here is remarkable as they have managed to perfect the look of the movie in a playable video game. We have to remember that these animated CG movies are all rendered frame by frame so having these visuals in playable form is a technical accomplishment on its own.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to release in 2018 for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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