Trailer for Monolith Soft’s Next Big Game, X.

Most people were pleased with Monolith Soft’s previous title, Xenoblade Chronicles, and at Nintendo’s previous Nintendo Direct (Not the one shown during E3) they teased a few titles that were revealed  during their most recent Nintendo Direct. One of those titles is a game by Monolith Soft, it’s tentative title being X.


This time around, our protagonist is shown walking through a base of some sort in which mechs are stored.  He enters a mech then the game play montage begins showing the luxurious landscapes that remind me of  the world from Xenoblade. Based on the trailer, we can assume that you will be able to engage in battle with just the main character by himself, but it also suggest that most battles and exploration will be with the company of your mech.

No concrete release date was given but X is expected to launch exclusively on the Wii U in 2014.

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