Transformers Devastation Achievements leaked, identity of all Decepticon bosses revealed

The Xbox Achievements for the Platinum Games developed Transformers Devastation has leaked and is now available for you to check out here. However, before you go through them, be warned that the descriptions of several of these achievements is quite revealing it terms of the Decepticon bosses you will face during the course of the game. Therefore, if you’d like to remain spoiler-free, steer clear of the remainder of this article.

According to the list of Achievements, Transformers Devastation will feature a total of 7 chapters. Players will encounter a Decepticon boss towards the end of each chapter. The identity of each of these bosses can be seen below.

Devastator (chapter 1 boss)


One of the few Decepticon bosses revealed in trailers thus far, Devastator is the combined form of am intelligent group of Decepticons known as the Constructicons. Mentally, on the other hand, he’s very much less than the sum of his parts. Devastator’s primitive psyche is limited to only the thoughts and actions on which all his components can agree, which results in raging bouts of destructive fury.

The Shielding (chapter 2 boss)


Blitzwing (chapter 3 boss)


Blitzwing is an absolute terror on the battlefield, using his triple-changing ability to maximum effect. Few things are more destructive and demoralizing to an enemy force than a tank landing on your front line at Mach 2. Blitzwing changes forms rapidly in battle to keep his opponents off-balance at all times.

Menasor (chapter 4 boss)


Menasor was created to be the ultimate Decepticon weapon. He is the combined form of a group of Decepticons known as the Stunticons. Unfortunately the great differences in attitude between the four limb components makes them less a team and more a destruction derby, and of course, the tiny detail that they’re all psychotic has created a primal psychological rift and left Menasor an unpredictable mass of conflicting, chaotic impulses.

Shockwave (chapter 5 boss)

Shockwave has been referred to as “a computer on legs.” This is not far from the truth though, as logic rules Shockwave’s thought processes and is the source of his every inspiration. He sees emotion as a weakness and a distraction. His cold and calculating modus operandi is supported by his frightening and exceptionally powerful form.

Soundwave (chapter 6 boss)


Soundwave is one of Megatron’s most reliable troops, and he has positioned himself comfortably in the upper Decepticon command structure. Though he is known as a Communications Officer among the Decepticon ranks, Soundwave stands at Megatron’s side as a confidant. His specialty comes in the form of a legion of cassette troops, who are at his command. Stored within Soundwave’s signature chest compartment and called forth on his whim with a push of a button, these miniature menaces are most commonly employed as spies for the Decepticon cause.

Megatron (chapter 7 boss)


Megatron is the powerful and most feared leader of the Decepticons. The opposite of his mortal enemy Optimus Prime, he feels great contempt for the Autobots who, he feels, betray their proud heritage by demanding peace and cooperation with weaker life forms. It is his destiny to bring order to the universe through conquest.

What’s your take on these bosses? Is there some other Decepticon that you’d much rather have wanted to fight in place of one of these? Let us know in the comments below.

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