Transformers: Devastation screenshots, box art leaked

A number of screenshots belonging to an unannounced Transformers game have made their way to PureXbox via an unnamed source. According to the source, Activision is all set to announce the brawler/action game, named Transformers: Devastation, within the coming week at E3. Meanwhile, BestBuy has listed the game on its store, along with the name of the studio behind the game as well as an image of its box art, which can be seen below.


Transformers: Devastation is being developed by none other than Platinum Games. The studio had been hinting at a new announcement at E3, and this is likely to be it. The game is scheduled for release on both current-generation and previous-generation platforms.


Fans of the Generation 1 (G1) TV series will be pleased to see that the characters depicted in the screenshots are faithful to their original counterparts. The game sports a ce-shaded art style, which seems to go very well with the look of the characters in the animated series. It’s very likely for the game to be set in the G1 universe, following the storyline of the Transformers since their arrival on Earth in the iconic Autobot shuttle known as the Ark.

Popular Transformers visible in the screenshots include Autobot leader Optimus Prime, Decepticon leader Megatron, the combining Decepticon subgroup known as the Constructicons, and by extension their combined form Devastator. The game’s brawler/action genre is best suited to Platinum Games, the developer behind character action games like Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and The Legend of Korra.


Fans of the G1 Transformers series couldn’t have asked for more – a faithful conversion of the classic TV series as well as capable developer handing its development. We look forward to providing you more information on Transformers: Devastation as it becomes available within the coming week. Until then, enjoy the screens and let us know whether you’re a fan of the G1 series, and what you think about the game.

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