Transformers Universe Comes Out This Summer

Today, Jagex announced they are just months away from launching Transformers Universe. They also told us why they haven’t shared any info about the game lately.

“2013 was a critical year in the evolution of Transformers Universe,” said Jagex CEO and CTO Mark Gerhard on the their official website.  “It was essential that we just knuckled down and got on with the core gameplay, and that unfortunately meant there was not much news to share for anyone outside of Jagex. However from today onwards you can expect regular updates, and soon all start participating first-hand as the game moves from core development, through each stage of community participation, balancing, polish and iteration.”

The game is inspired by the visual style of the Prime animated series. But that isn’t the only inspiration for the game. In the past, Jagex said that the game will draw from various Transformer works.

Transformers Universe was thought to be a MMORPG. Although, Gerhard describes it as a “massively online tactical action game.” Players will control a squad of Autobots or Decepticons into battle. Where they will either fight with or against other players. Every Transformer will have his own unique weapon and It’s up to the player to decide on a strategy that fully utilizes a player’s unique capabilities.


There are rumors that the original Transformers ,Optimus Prime and his fellow Autobots or Megatron and his Minions, will make an appearance in the game. Jagex is promising additional details on this aspect of the game soon.

The developers are planning to release the Gameplay trailer and screenshots of some of the characters. They’ll also provide information on the features and modes of Transformers Universe.

Before the launch of Transformers Universe, Jagex will hold a beta test. They haven’t announced a start date yet. However, you can sign up now at their website. You’ll have to choose your faction and your commander name when you register so you’ve got some thinking to do.

“2014 is the launch year for Transformers Universe and the start of an epic journey as you #testyourmetal,” Gerhard said. “Soon you’ll be able to experience this for yourself as we roll out to BETA. I look forward to seeing you on the frontlines.”

Abdullah Raza


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