tri-Ace to announce new game at TGS 2018, potentially for the PS4 with Valkyrie Profile Director in attendance

tri-Ace are teasing a new game announcement for TGS 2018. This year’s Tokyo Game Show runs from September 20 to 23.

Famed JRPG developers tri-Ace are the people behind popular series’ like Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile. Speaking of the latter, it’s interesting to see that Takayuki Suguro, will be attending announcement.

Suguru is an ex-tri-Ace employee who worked as Director on the Valkyria Profile games as well as the SEGA published Resonance of Fate. Suguru has since then left to join GRDrive creating games such as Fate Grand Order. Could the company be planning on bringing any of these titles back?

Shingo Mukaitouge, director of games like Frontier Gate and Dewy’s adventure, will also be present representing tri-Ace.

The announcement will be made on Dingeki Online’s livestream:

Personally I think this is proper console game and not a smartphone title like some expect due to first of all how they’re hyping up the announcement. Also the official Playstation Magazine will be there to cover the news first hand, suggesting that Playstation 4 could be one of the platforms the game is in development for.

Update: This could be a Resonance of Fate Remaster.

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