Trials of Osiris And Iron Banner Return To Destiny

On September 20th, Bungie released the latest expansion for Destiny called Rise of Iron. The Rise of Iron expansion pack added tons of new content to the game. New Strikes, new missions/quests, new weapons and armor, and the new raid were added to Destiny. All this content has kept players occupied, but now there is even more content coming their way. The highly anticipated PvP events,Trials of Osiris and the Iron Banner, are making their return to Destiny.

Trials of Osiris:

We are only hours away from Trials of Osiris going live. The event kicks off at 10AM PT and will continue throughout the weekend. For players who have not played Trials of Osiris in the past, it is a 3v3 Elimination mode event.

To enter the event, you must go to the Vestian Outpost in the Reef and talk to Brother Vance. You have to obtain a Passage Coin from him, which will grant you access to the Trials of Osiris. Trials of Osiris is unlike any other PvP event, because if you lose three matches, you will be kicked out of the event and you will have to obtain another Passage Coin to enter. Brother Vance will also have Trials of Osiris bounties which can be completed for a chance to earn exclusive loot.

With all that said, you should be very careful when participating in the Trials of Osiris. The event attracts the best Crucible players from around the world, so it is no walk in the park. Make sure to pick up a few boosters before entering the Trials of Osiris.

Iron Banner:

If Trials of Osiris isn’t your thing, Iron Banner might be something that you might be interested in. The PvP event known as Iron Banner comes around once a month and is a lot more casual compared to the Trials of Osiris. Iron Banner starts on October 4th, at 10AM PT.

A few changes have been made to the Iron Banner. The Iron Banner event no longer has a buff that helps you level up faster in the later days of the event. So you have to log on as soon as it goes live to take full advantage of the event. Iron Banner will have four Weekly Bounties, which will help you earn Iron Banner reputation as well as a chance of dropping loot which can not be purchased from the Iron Banner Vendor.

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If you are a player that is struggling to increase your light level, then Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner are great ways to increase it. The events reward you with gear higher than your light level, so it can help you get to those higher light levels easily.

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