Twitch Gets Officially Blocked In China

China is rather strict when it comes to online services however Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, was still up and running there until recently when it has been officially blocked by the government.

The move towards blocking Twitch is surprising to see but China was already heading towards offering stricter gaming regulations in their country. This move happened after the complaints of video game addictions in China started to go widespread. Capcom’s own Monster Hunter World was removed from the Chinese gaming platform, We Game, which is owned by tech giant Tencent.

Tencent has been a victim of the changes currently being mandated in China and their shares have dropped considerably there. It remains to be seen whether the ban on Twitch is temporary or if it is permanent. Chinese fans who watch competitive eSports will have to look for other venues in order to see the live stream of matches played by their favorite teams.

Still, it was bound to happen soon one way or another, since China has cracked down on similar services in the past. The ban on Twitch should lead to the competitors stepping up to claim its place in China, which remains one of the largest markets for PC and Mobile gaming in the world.

Danial Arshad Khan

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