Two Brand New VR Games Now Available For HTC Vive

Virtual reality is revolutionizing how we play video games. Players experience gaming like never before, as you can become a Jedi Apprentice and fight Storm Trooper in Star Wars: Trials of Tatooine, or you can be trapped in the C.S.S Citadel trying to find a way out. All of that is possible, as two brand new games for the HTC Vive are now available on Steam.

Star Wars: Trials of Tatooine is a experimental game developed by ILMxLAB. In Trials of Tatooine, players will play as a Jedi Apprentice, who defends Luke Skywalker’s home from enemy Storm Troopers. You can check out the trailer by clicking here.

Star Wars Trials of Tatooine

Star Wars: Trials of Tatooine is now available on Steam for free.

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HTC Vive owners can also get their hands on C.S.S Citadel VR. In the game, players arrive at the C.S.S Citadel to collect their reward. Suddenly the alarm sounds, and you are trapped in the Citadel. Your ship is locked away in the lower bay, and you are unable to reach it. You objective is to avoid guards and find a way to escape the Citadel.

C.S.S Citadel

C.S.S Citadel provides an immersive experience. The game is developed by Winged Minds, and is available now for $7.99 on Steam.

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