Ubisoft Acquires Racing Genre experts Ivory Tower

Developers of the 2014 racing video game ‘The Crew’ (notable for it’s open world design), “Ivory tower” are now officially part of the Ubisoft family, confirmed by Ubiblog.

Ivory Tower is a French video game developer located in Lyon, France.

Ivory Tower was founded by COO Ahmed Boukhefila, Producer Stephane Beley and CFO Emmanuel Oualid, in 2007. The members of the development team previously worked at Eden Games on projects from the Need for Speed, Test Drive Unlimited, and V-Rally game series. They released The Crew (their first game), on 2 December 2014 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Development on the game was in collaboration with Ubisoft. The Crew has (since its release) topped more than 3 million players worldwide.


Ivory Tower MD Ahmed Boukhelifa stated about how much they enjoyed working with Ubisoft and hope to benefit from it, in return they will contribute their own expertise to Ubisoft.

Ivory Tower continues to focus on supporting The Crew with the release of its sequel The Crew: Wild Run on November 17th (though a closed beta will be available on PC later this month).

Abdullah Raza


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