Ubisoft brings in electricity at E3 with first 5 minutes of Far Cry 4 cinematics

The critically acclaimed, long running series ‘Far Cry’ developed and published by Ubisoft is by far one of the greatest franchises when you want to get immersed in an open world, first person shooter. If you thought Far Cry 3 blew you off your feet, then imagine Far Cry 4 as Far Cry 3, but multiplied by 1000. That is exactly what Far Cry 4 is going to deliver. Before Dan Hay, creative director of  of the Far Cry franchise came to deliver his speech, Ubisoft managed to showcase the first 5 minutes of in game footage of Far Cry 4. In a single word, it is was simply electrifying.


As cray cray as Vaas!!

The main protagonist was shown to be carrying a United States passport, which would clearly indicate that the player whom you would be controlling. The game is set in the fictional untamed country of Kyrat, in the Himalayas, which is currently being ruled by a self-appointed king. The fascinating thing about this unnamed antagonist is that is many ways, he bears resemblance to the antagonist of Far Cry 3, Vaas. Even though the main antagonist does share any physical features of Vaas in any manner, not to mention that the new antagonist displays an individual who possesses a charismatic, respectful and calm demeanor, he too is bat shit crazy (like Vaas).


That automatically means that the protagonist is going to have his hands full in traversing this land, especially when he has to face off against cutthroat mercenaries and predatory wildlife. The game will feature several elements retained from the previous title, which will include crafting, upgrading skills, abilities, weaponry and inventory. Since the geographical map of Far Cry 4 will be far larger compared to its predecessor, several fast travel locations will be made available and the player will also given an option to traverse the lands on the back of animals, specifically elephants.


I will hunt you down. But first, let me take a selfie!

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