Ubisoft enters mobile gaming with Anno: Build an Empire

Ubisoft is ready to enter the mobile market after they announced that their strategic, empire building series  Anno, would make way on iPad as a free to play game titled, Anno: Build an Empire. The game would be developed with collaboration of Mi’pu’mi Games and brings the experience of building cities to Apple’s tablet users.


You would start your journey with a few peasants limited to one island and then you make a stable society for your people. Once you have achieved that, you would be well on your way to reach the far off lands and build your very own empire. You would have to keep your people happy by providing them with basic necessities, even importing materials or food from your neighbors if necessary.

According to the official post

“Build taverns to keep your people relaxed. Build them homes to keep them safe. Become a master of industry and rule over your empire. Create additional islands and keep trade flowing with your neighbors to help support your economy.”

Besides the offline play, you will be also be able to socialize or challenge your friends ‘thanks to the social elements brought forward from previous Anno games’.

The game would require iPad 2 (or newer) and iOS 6 the lowest version to run this on. No release date has been specified at this point. Other than this, not much information has been provided as yet, but we will update you as soon as it is made available.

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