Ubisoft Is Potentially Teasing A New Tom Clancy Game [Rumor]

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands was the last time Ubisoft released a brand new Tom Clancy game. They have started to tease about a new one with a series of mysterious hints found buried in the most recent.

Fans have been able to discover easter eggs and hints that references to Skell Technology. Their presence can also be seen in various missions that were later added to the game, making it clear that they are a part of the larger narrative.

As it happens with such cases, they were able to trace the clues to a website for Skell Technology.  The clues gave away the login and password for the website which “asantos” and “10068” respectively. Once logged in, the website shows promo videos for this fictional company and they appear to supply military equipment like drones. These videos are unlisted on YouTube but you can view them directly below.

The interesting part of this video is the moto for the company “A Better Future Today” which sounds sinister. The video features the founder of Skell Technology, Jack Skell, who is pitching autonomous machines that can “free mankind of its tedious limitations.”

A detailed theory behind this new mystery was made by YouTuber coreross(via) who states that references to this company have been found in both Rainbow Six Siege and Ghost Recon Wildlands. While most fans would hope that this might mean a new Splinter Cell, it is also possible that we are getting a new Ghost Recon or Rainbow Six game judging from these teasers.

Right now, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege will still continue with its Season 4 while The Division is getting its sequel next year. Whether we are getting Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon or another new Tom Clancy game, all eyes are on now Ubisoft to reveal their cards heading into 2019.

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