Ubisoft Reveals New Rainbow Six Game

At their E3 press conference, Ubisoft revealed a brand new Rainbow Six game titled Rainbow Six: Siege. The game was showcased with a spectacular looking trailer, that showed plenty of destructible environment, and an intelligent A.I.

The trailer began with a team of five assaulting a house from a chopper, where an alleged hostage has been taken capture by the attackers.


We can see the player trying to rescue the hostage, by shooting enemies through walls and using surveillance equipment to take a look at enemy movement and location. The trailer ends with what appears to be a showdown between the player and the only remaining enemy. The hostage can also be injured and taken care of by the player. Despite being disguised as a gameplay trailer, it definitely looked scripted, and maybe, was also even pre-rendered instead of actually running in real-time.

Rainbow Six: Siege seems to be the next Rainbow Six game, and this also puts the nail in the coffin for Rainbow Six: Patriots, which was also revealed earlier at another Ubisoft conference, but never made its way past the initial teaser trailer.

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