Ubisoft’s The Division Receives New Screenshot, Shows Female Protagonist

Ubisoft have released a brand new screenshot for The Division, which shows a female protagonist along with a male one.

The Division is an upcoming online third person shooter that is being developed by Massive Entertainment. It utilizes Snowdrop Engine and had a particularly impressive showcase at last year’s E3.

While there has not been any confirmation of the release date, it is scheduled for a release on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One this year. You can check out this lovely screenshot below, which shows the design of the female protagonist in the world of The Division for the first time.


Massive Entertainment was acquired by Ubisoft and renamed to Ubisoft Massive. They are based in Sweden and are currently working on The Division for current generation consoles and PC. They are using their own in-house engine called Snowdrop Engine for The Division, which promises stunning visuals and animation for the game.

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