Uncharted 3 Game Director: PS4 is a “Killer Machine”, talks about PS4 Hardware, Uncharted 3 Graphics and More

Justin Richmond, game director of Uncharted 3, held an AMA on reddit recently, in which he talked about PS4 hardware and Uncharted 3.

Uncharted 3 was released after the critcally acclaimed Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Coming off after such a big game, that got heaps of praises and won several “Game of the Year”, was definitely a big task and even though Uncharted 3 didn’t impress as many people as Uncharted 2 did, it sure still kept most of the quality work of Uncharted 2 and added a lot to it.

Justin Richmond, Game Director of Uncharted 3, and Robert Cogburn, Lead Multiplayer Designer, recently held a reddit AMA and talked about all sorts of things ranging from PS4 Hardware to Uncharted 3.

Naughty Dog usually has two teams that work on two different project in parallel. Uncharted 2 team started making The Last of Us after the release of Uncharted 2 and the other team worked on Uncharted 3 and released it in 2011. We haven’t seen any project from this Uncharted 3 team yet but we are hopeful that we might get to hear more about it at this year’s VGAs.

A guy asked them if there were any mistakes in Uncharted 3 that they didn’t wanna repeat in their next game. Justin replied back: “If you aren’t making mistakes then you aren’t pushing hard enough. For everything that went wrong we learned something and got better. The next game we won’t make those same mistakes again, but somehow a whole new crop pops up and kicks you in the face. That’s just game development.”

Uncharted 3 was visually fantastic and a huge step above Uncharted 2. A user asked which part of the visual make-up was the most difficult for them, to which Justin replied that the tracers in sand for Uncharted 3 were the most difficult along with the *spoilers* drug like effects that we had to endure in the game, when Nathan Drake was drugged *spoilers*

When asked about the capabilities of PS4 hardware and how long it will take to utilize it fully, Justin had the following to add: “We are always trying to use the maximum power of the machine, but it takes time. Every game you learn more about how to use it, the idiosyncrasies, etc.”

When asked about which feature they are most excited about for PS4, Justin replied that he is excited about more power and the more and faster ram of PS4. He also loves the prospect of indies on PS4 and the commitment to games. He calls it a “Killer Machine”

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