Uncharted 4 Has Some Insane Attention To Detail Including A Working Smartphone

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will be released tomorrow on May 10th. Since Naughty Dog are known for their insane attention to detail, Uncharted 4 is no exception here. Everything from Nate’s Watch to his Smartphone has actual details added to them which can only be viewed through Photo Mode which gives the player freedom to move the camera around.

Photo Mode gives us a closer look at the work done by Naughty Dog in the game and needless to say, we are surprised by the astonishing amount of detail that has been put into making the game.

Nate has a working Smartphone complete with UI

During a particular segment in the game, Nathan Drake will be able to utilize his smartphone to talk with his brother Sam. While this is just a tiny segment in the game, the way Naughty Dog has handled it is nothing short of amazing. When Nate texts his brother, we can actually see it all in action including the text that he sends. The screenshot below is not from a cutscene, but from a closeup using Photo mode when Nate was using his Smartphone.

uncharted-4-attention-to-detail (8)

Nate and Sully’s Watch

These watches can mostly be seen in a cutscene closeup but using the Photo Mode, we can get a closeup in real-time and while these watches don’t work (we checked), they do appear to have details added to them despite being absent from player’s view.

uncharted-4-attention-to-detail (1) uncharted-4-attention-to-detail (2)

Hair/Body reacts to Wind and Water

Rise of the Tomb Raider is usually praised for having great hair effects called TressFX and Uncharted 4 seems to match that quality with a completely in-house solution from Naughty Dog. The hair not only reacts to the wind, it can also get wet. The wetness also applies to the body and clothes of the characters.

uncharted-4-attention-to-detail (4) uncharted-4-attention-to-detail (6) uncharted-4-attention-to-detail (5)

Jeep affected by the Environment

During the Madagascar chapter, players can drive a jeep and the damage it withstands can be clearly seen throughout their journey. This is yet another neat little attention to detail implemented by Naughty Dog.

uncharted-4-attention-to-detail (10)

uncharted-4-attention-to-detail (3)

There is a lot more in the game than what is included in this article, and Naughty Dog deserves all the praise for the work they put in Uncharted 4.

Uncharted 4 is available on May 10th exclusively for the PS4.

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