Uncharted 4 Character Models Truly Shine In These Closeups Shared By Naughty Dog

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is out now for the PS4. The game has received universal critical acclaim and is considered one of the best looking game on a console. Naughty Dog has some extremely talented artists and recently they shared their work that they did on Uncharted 4 on ArtStation.

The work that is featured below is shared by the talented folks at Naughty Dog including Yibing JiangFrank TzengColin ThomasSoa Lee and Jaehoon Kim.

The character models seen above are all rendered in real-time on PS4 in the game. Unlike previous Naughty Dog games, all the cutscenes are now rendered in real-time at 30 fps, which makes this much more impressive. For further details regarding their work on Uncharted 4, you can visit their ArtStation profiles linked above, which has details shared regarding the work and techniques that they used to make the characters look so good in the game. It is a bit more complicated but if you are an artist, then the details might interest you.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is available now for the PS4. It was developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. You can read our review of the game from here.

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