Uncharted 4 Is Set To Receive A Cooperative Survival Mode

A new trailer has just gone up for Uncharted 4, and it introduces a brand new multiplayer mode for the game which places a greater emphasis on teamwork.

Titled the Survival Mode Trailer, the video introduces a brand new co-op mode simply titled Survival. In it, up to three players can team up to take on wave after wave of increasingly tough enemies. Think Horde Mode for Uncharted, with 50 total waves and 10 new maps. Enemies include Shoreline mercenaries, heavily armored Brutes, Snipers, Hunters, with a boss encounter every 10 waves.

Reaching the final wave will require you to complete objectives such as defending a particular area, collecting treasure within a time limit, or eliminating marked enemies. Every so often the game will even throw out a modifier with might require you to only be able to use melee attacks or use only handguns for a particular time.

Killing enemies and completing objectives also nets you cash which can be used to purchase weapons and gear via arsenal crates around the map. Everything is available to the players, from Heavy Weapons, long guns, Mysticals, etc.


Speaking of mysticals, even a number of your enemies will be able to use special powers, as seen from the trailer above. You can learn about Survival Mode in detail, here.

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Survival Mode is set to arrive in December next month for the PlayStation 4. Those attending PlayStation Experience next week, can also check it out early at the Uncharted 4 booth.

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