Uncharted 4: “Wind Physics” And Nathan Drake Character Model Screens Show The True Power Of PS4

Naughty Dog recently conducted a video panel for Uncharted 4 called “Modeling Nathan Drake: Bringing an Iconic Character to PS4 Panel” at PlayStation Experience. In this Panel, Naughty Dog showed their tech wizardry in how they brought Nathan Drake to life for Uncharted 4. You can check out a selection of high quality screenshots of Nathan Drake from the Panel.

It is almost scary how the animation of the character model looks like a real person.

The Last of Us had pupil dilation for its main characters and Naughty Dog seems to have taken it a step further in Uncharted 4, as can be seen below.

Naughty Dog also confirmed that Naughty Drake has about 800 facial combinations, which is a huge step up from the Nathan Drake character model in Uncharted 3, which had about 120 facial combinations. The game will also have true wind physics, which means Nathan Drake’s clothes and hair will react to the wind. Naughty Dog even went on to mention that his chest hair will be react to the wind too, which you can check out in the GIF below.

If anything, this shows the power of PlayStation 4 and how Naughty Dog has utilized its potential to bring such a realistic looking Nathan Drake to life.

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