Uncharted 4’s Patch 1.08 Out Today, Includes New Map, Weapons and MP Modes

Naughty Dog has confirmed that the latest update for Uncharted 4 will drop today. This update is supposed to add the first free DLC to the game. This DLC is called “Lost Treasure” and it is the first post-launch DLC from Naughty Dog that can be downloaded completely free.

Lost Treasure is the first DLC that will be available along with Update 1.08 today. It adds a new mutliplayer map “Sunken Ruins” and the following new weapons, boosters and mysticals to the multiplayer.


  • P90 – A full auto submachine gun with a very large magazine
  • Arrowhead A3c – A full auto long range variable rifle (choose to scope in or not)
  • Enforcer G26 – Semi-auto very fast rate of fire pistol
  • Agarwal .40 – Semi-auto hard-hitting 40-caliber pistol
  • Harbinger Sniper – A Heavy Weapon sniper gun


  • Enhanced Radar – increases the range of radar and show directional arrows for enemies
  • Gunslinger – swap weapons faster and reload faster while rolling
  • Hardened – reduced damage wobble
  • Gifting – give allies a full gear recharge


  • Path of Indra – teleport to any ally

In addition to the new weapons, boosters and mystical, Naughty Dog is also adding new Vanity items to the game.

  • Over 50 new Skins and Pre-Sets
  • Over 70 new Hat and Face Wear items
  • An assortment of new Taunts and Weapon Skins

This update is reportedly 1.3 GB in size and will go live later today for the PS4.

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