Uncharted PS4 Actor Drops a Series of Mysterious Tweets Hinting at the Plot of the Game

Todd Stashwick is currently doing motion-capture for the upcoming Uncharted on the PS4. He has dropped a couple of ambiguous tweets, perhaps hinting at the plot and settings of Uncharted PS4.

Todd started the twitter conversation with “Uncharted rehearsal tomorrow. My guess is things will NOT be charted. Again. I repeat, charts will remain un.” This sounds confusing for sure but the suspicious thing was the way he tagged them as #spoiler. Is he hinting at the plot or setting of the game?

He then re-tweeted the following tweet.

Amy Hennig is the lead writer of the Uncharted series. Todd referred to her in another one of his tweet.

He has also been confirmed to be the voice-over for the teaser trailer, that was shown at the launch party of the PS4 in North America.

What do you think about this tease by the actor? Let us know in the comments below.

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