Uncharted The Lost Legacy Guide: Token Locations In Chapter 4

Uncharted The Lost Legacy

When you reach Chapter 4 of Uncharted The Lost Legacy, players will be given a task to gather all the Tokens in the area. This is a task that will take a lot of time, but it is an important objective.

There are 11 tokens in total, and obtaining some of these tokens will require players to solve puzzles, however, most of them as fairly straight forward and easy to obtain. You can start looking for these tokens after you have obtained the map that shows the locations of every token. This guide will help you find every single token in Uncharted The Lost Legacy.

Token Locations In Chapter 4 For Uncharted The Lost Legacy:

Once they have obtained the map that shows the locations of the tokens, players will have to make their way to the locations marked on the map.

Owl Token:

The Owl Token is easy to find, as it is in the area where you find the map. Look for a cave on the left and the owl token will be inside.

Cow Token:

The Cow Token can be found inside the ruins near the central tower. Look for a switch on top of the central ruin and activate it, as it will start up a few fountains in the area. Swing to every single fountain, as quickly as possible, and walk through them to trigger the pressure plate at the base of each fountain. You have to swing to every single one before the time runs out, and if you manage to do so, you will be able to get the token from the switch you activated earlier.

Cobra Token:

For the Cobra Token, head to the cliff in the east and you will spot seven bells in the area. You will see a barred door which you will have to open by shooting all six of the bells in the field, and then shoot the final one next to the door. Shoot all the bells to remove the bars and open the door. You will find the Cobra Token inside.

Boar Token:

The Boar Token is near the previous token you found. After obtaining the Cobra Token, climb up the cliff and you will find a tower. Climb onto the tower and use the grapple to swing across. You can use the pillars sticking out of the mud, but you can just jump and slide to the end. Enter the cave and the Boar Token will be inside.

Peacock Token:

The Peacock Token is also located in the ruins near the central tower. Look for a brittle wall, in the ruins towards the south side of the central tower.  Destroy the wall with an explosive, and you will find the Peacock token inside.

Tiger Token:

The Tiger Token is near the Shiva Fortress, in the Western Ghats. If you encounter enemies, you are going the right way. After you eliminate the enemies, look for a brittle wall and destroy it with the help of a grenade or grenade launcher. You will find the Tiger Token inside.

Elephant Token:

The Elephant token is easy to obtain. Go to the central area of the map, and look for an old building which you can climb. Once on top, you will see a plank of wood sticking out of the roof. Go to the edge of the plank and look down to grapple the stone on top of the well. Use the grapple and then jump towards the left. Doing this will lift the stone from atop of the well and you will be able to go inside, where the Elephant Token is located.

Eagle Token:

The Eagle token can be found behind a brittle wall. You can find this wall between the starting area and the Parashurama Fortress. Look for pillars and the wall will be near it. Use explosives to destroy the wall and get the Token inside.

Duck Token:

After you are done looking for the Eagle Token, locate the elephant statue nearby. Once at the statue, dive into the pool of water towards the front of the statue and look for an underwater passage. When you spot a place to surface, climb up and you will be in a cave which has the Duck Token inside.

Lion Token:

To obtain the Lion Token in Chapter Four of Uncharted The Lost Legacy, players will have to make their way to the ruins near the Parashurama Fortress. Once there, you will face a couple of enemies. Kill the enemies and keep moving forward until you reach a weak wall that you can destroy with explosive. If the wall is already destroyed and the token is not inside, then Asav’s men have already collected the token. Now you will have to look for a crate in the area, which you can lock pick to obtain the token inside.

Horse Token:

By far the hardest token to obtain, the horse token will require players to solve a puzzle which will take some time to do, but it is the only way to obtain the token. First, you will have to rotate the outer ring and pick up the large piece from the left and deposit it to the right side. Now rotate the outer and center rings towards the left side and pick up the middle piece so that it goes into the center ring. Now rotate towards the right and pick up the large piece. Now deposit the large piece on the left side, and the middle piece on the right.

With the middle piece dropped off, pick up the large piece from the left side and drop it to the right side. Now rotate all the rings towards the left side, so that you can pick up the small piece and add it to the inner ring of the puzzle. Once the small piece is in the inner ring, pick up the large piece from the right and deposit it to the left. Now you will be able to add the middle piece to the center ring. Once you have done that, pick up the large piece and rotate the rings to make a horse. Completing this will reward you with the final token for Uncharted The Lost Legacy.

Now that you have all the tokens, you can make your way back to the wall with the slots for all the tokens and you are done with this objective. Hopefully this guide helped you obtain all of the tokens in Chapter 4. Uncharted The Lost Legacy is now available on the PS4.

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