Unravel 2 Leaked Through ESRB, Possibly Co-op Game

Unravel 2 has been leaked ahead of the official EA Play conference that will go live later tonight ahead of E3 2018. This is a sequel to the side-scrolling platfomer where the players assumed control of Yarny, a creature that was made from a ball of Yarn.

Unravel 2 was first leaked through ESRB rating that also shared a description of what to expect from the game. You can read the full description below.

This is a side-scrolling platformer in which players control a pair of fantastical creatures called Yarnys as they navigate environments. Players traverse platforms and avoid hazards by swinging from yarn lassos; some areas contain animals that chase/menace the player’s characters. The Yarnys are defeated when they are eaten by a fish, grabbed by birds, crushed by boulders, or run over by cars.

It was later confirmed as playable at the upcoming E3. Twiter user Matt shared an image of the game being played on PlayStation Network. The image hinted at two-player co-op implementation for the sequel while the original was an entirely single-player adventure.

EA Play conference is set to start at 11 AM PDT. It will feature EA published games including FIFA 19, Battlefield V, Anthem and other surprise announcements. Unravel 2 is expected to make its debut at that conference.

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