Unravel Collector’s Edition Comes Out Next Week

At E3 2015, EA and Coldwood Interactive revealed their new platformer game, Unravel. The game came out earlier this year, in February, and was a great success. Fans will be happy to hear that next week, they will be able to purchase the Unravel Collector’s Edition.

Unravel’s official twitter announced the collector’s edition’s release next week, which is priced at $34.99 in Best Buy stores in the U.S. The collector’s edition includes a life-size version of the game’s protagonist, Yarny, as well as a digital copy of the game.

Unravel Collector's Edition



We did a review on Unravel and gave it a 4 star rating. The game features some amazing visuals, and one of the most lovable character ever. This platformer is very unique as the protagonist, Yarny, uses the yarn from his body to build bridges, pull things towards him, and swing from items. Unravel is somewhat similar to other platformers such as Ori and the Blind Forest. Both games have characters that the players fall in love with as the game progresses. The game features about 10 hours worth of play time.

The collector’s edition will only be available in the U.S when it comes out next month for $34.99 at your local Best Buy.

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